Session Resources


Concurrent Sessions I


Social Justice in Practice 

> Change, Challenge, and Prospects for a Diversity Paradigm in Social Psychology
> Making Conflict Work: Harnessing the Power of Disagreement (2015)

> Derald Wing Sue on microaggression, the implicit racism minorities endure

21st Century Civics 

> On languaging and communities: Latino/a emergent bilinguals' expansive learning and critical inquiries into global childhoods (2017)

> 60th Anniversary of Little Rock Central High School Integration

> The growing disjunction in education policy

> Dr. Michael Rebell: Schools, Courts, and Civic Participation

(Self) Care Management

> The Grapevine: TC's Nutrition Newsletter (Winter 2018)

> Win With Wellness: A Great Culture Helps Bring Clients To Your Door

> Improving physical activity after stroke via treadmill training and self management (IMPACT): A protocol for a randomised controlled trial. BMC Neurology

> Resting Autonomic Function in Active and Insufficiently Active People Living with HIV (2018)

STEAM Learning In and Out of School 

> Strage Prize 2017 with Nathan Holbert (Maker Spaces)

> Distributed creativity as political expression: Youth responses to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election in online affinity networks (2018)

> Kinships, Communities, and Spaces for Mathematics Learning and Socialization – Dr. Erica Walker



Concurrent Sessions II


Putting an End to Gun Violence

> Lalitha Vasudevan on NPR: Anti-Gun Movement Benefits from Black Lives Matter

> Gun Violence in the United States: Stemming the Tide of a Growing Social Crisis

> #disruptive | Columbia's Dr. Sonali Rajan discusses gun violence in schools

> After Parkland Where Do We Go From Here?


Applying Research Findings in Tearcher Preparation

> President Fuhrman writes on Charter School Teacher Hiring Practices in Letter to the Editor of the New York Times

> Teachers College, Teach Away launch online program for K-8 educators to enhance digital literacy

> Demanding the Tools for Social Justice: Award-winning TC doctoral student Kenneth Graves makes the case for bridging the digital divide

The end of homework? Why some schools are banning homework


State of the Stateless - Outcomes & Opportunities for Immigrants and Refugees

> Toward Participatory Communal Citizenship

> Providing Hope Through Better Teaching

> 'Groundbreaking' Work by Dr. Sandra Schmidt Wins Early Career Award

> Bilingualism, a human right in times of anxiety: Lessons from California

Depression Treatment Manual Co-Developed by TC’s Lena Verdeli Launched by the World Health Organization 


Failure, Adaptability, Success 

> Learning from Failure

> Learning Agility and How Motivation Drives Change | Dr. W. Warner Burke | Talks@Columbia

> Teachers College Conference to Give Failure, Long Taboo, a Makeover as a Pathway to Success

A Climate for Change

> Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors in Higher Education: Investigating the Role of Formal and Informal Factors (2018)

> Study by TC's Wu and Lee: Climate Change Games Are Effective in Educating Public