Schedule at a Glance

* indicates Kids Programming. Adults must accompany child(ren) at all times.

9:00 - 10:00 a.m.    Networking Breakfast, Registration & Check-in [Everett Lounge]
                                Golden Alumni Society Breakfast + Induction [Horace Mann Room 140]
10:00 - 11:15 a.m.  Opening Ceremony & Phyllis L. Kossoff Lecture on Education and Policy [Joyce B. Cowin Center]
                                Keynote address by Eric Liu, Founder & CEO of Citizen University
11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.    Concurrent Sessions I [Locations below]
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.     Distinguished Alumni Awards Luncheon [Grace Dodge Cafeteria]
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.     Department Showcases [Locations below]
3:00 - 6:00 p.m.     Digital Learning Exhibit [Smith Learning Theater, Fourth Floor Gottesman Libraries]
3:00 - 6:00 p.m.     Unleashing: A Site-Specific Art Exhibit [Hourly tours begin at Rose Commons]
4:15 - 5:30 p.m.     Concurrent Sessions II [Locations below]
5:30 - 6:30 p.m.     Student Research Poster Session & Closing Reception [1st & 2nd Floor, Zankel Hall]



Concurrent Sessions I

*Webop! (8 months-5 years) [Horace Mann Room 519]
This is an early-childhood jazz education program for children, ages 8 months to 5 years, and their  parents/caregivers, which was co-created by Jazz at Lincoln Center and Dr. Lori Custodero, Associate  Professor of Music Education at Teachers College. Learn about jazz instruments and improvisation and  the creative process of great performers, and have fun, too. This session provides a creative outlet for  parents and children to explore jazz and express themselves together.
Adriana Diaz Donoso
| WeBop Instructor, Jazz at Lincoln Center
Social Justice in Practice [Grace Dodge Hall Room 179]
The Morton Deutsch Awards for Social Justice were created in 2005 by the Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR) to symbolize Deutsch’s incredible legacy as an eminent social psychologist and to honor a distinguished scholar-practitioner in the field of social justice and an exemplary student paper on social justice. This session features this year’s recipients, a professor and student, as they delve into the ideas of social justice in practice.
Peter Coleman (Ph.D. '98) | Professor of Psychology and Education and Director of MD-ICCCR, Teachers College
James Jones | Professor Emeritus and Director of the Center for the Study of Diversity, University of Delaware
Daniela Romero-Amaya | Doctoral Fellow in the Social Studies Education Program, Teachers College
Derald Wing Sue | Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College
Danielle Coon | Associate Director, Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR)
21st Century Civics [Milbank Chapel]
Civics Education does not exist in schools anymore, at least not in the way that it did just a few years ago. How do we get young people inspired to be active and engaged citizens? This panel of policy experts and educators will share how we can make a difference from instilling equity in education to inspiring community participation.
Basil A. Smikle, Jr. | Political Strategist, Policy Analyst and Ph.D. Candidate, Teachers College
Maria Paula Ghiso | Associate Professor of Literacy Education, Teachers College
Sybil Jordan Hampton (Ed.D. '91) | Foundation and Higher Education Consultant & 2018 Distinguished Alumna
Michael Rebell | Professor of Law and Educational Practice, Teachers College
(Self) Care Management [Thompson Hall Room 136]
Through a multi-disciplinary approach, this panel will discuss the importance of adhering to self-management when focusing on one’s health. Our panelists will look at exercise, nutrition and even how on-the-job wellness programs can help you live a healthy lifestyle, as well as how personal motivation is pivotal in helping you manage chronic illness or speed recovery.
Jen Cadenhead | Doctoral Candidate, Teachers College
Louise Ada (M.A. '84) | Professor Emeritus of Neurological Physiotherapy, University of Sydney & 2018 Distinguished Alumna
Joe Ciccolo | Assistant Professor of Applied Physiology, Teachers College
Debra Wein (M.S. '94) | CEO & President, Wellness Workdays
STEAM Learning In and Out of School [Grace Dodge Hall Room 277]
STEAM incorporates Art into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and is a movement widely adopted by institutions, corporations and individuals. But what exactly is STEAM? This session will bring together faculty who will consider the implications for curriculum, research, and pedagogy of adopting a STEAM stance. 
Felicia Mensah | Professor of Science and Education and Associate Dean
Nathan Holbert | Assistant Professor of Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design
Ioana Literat | Assistant Professor of CMLTD, Teachers College
Sandra Okita | Associate Professor of Technology and Education
Erica Walker | Professor of Mathematics and Education, Teachers College

Nicholas Wasserman | Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

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Department Showcases


*Li’l Stories (5 years old to 9 years old) [Grace Dodge Hall Room 273A] 
Li’l Stories is a language arts framework for the elementary classroom that nurtures creative thinking, cooperative learning and digital literacy. Their child-centered approach uses visual, oral, and written storytelling to immerse learners in a creative writing process that can be adapted to multiple content areas. Students move fluidly between creating and telling stories to digitally capturing and sharing them.  More on Lil Stories here.
Julliene Gatchalian | M.A. Candidate, Teachers College
Anke Stohlmann 
Sarah Suson | M.A. Candidate, Teachers College
Arts & Humanities [Macy Gallery (Macy Hall Room 444)]
Visit Macy Gallery for an insider's look at all the programs in A&H 
Set with the backdrop of TC’s own Art Gallery - currently showcasing student pieces in Studio Works - enjoy the opportunity to connect with Faculty, Student and Staff representatives from the Music and Music Education, Art and Art Education, Arts Administration, Social Studies, Philosophy, English, History, Applied Linguistics/TESOL and Bilingual/BiCultural Education programs. Department Chair Bill Gaudelli will guide guests through the experience with a brief intro and facilitate multiple rotations. Come ready to share your comments!


Biobehavioral Sciences [Grace Dodge Hall Room 177]
Rapid Fireside Chats with Distinguished Alumni 
Get to know the Distinguished Alumni from the Department of BBS better! Join us for this fireside style chat moderated by TC Doctoral Candidate Julie Fineman with Louise Ada (M.A. '84), Professor Emeritus of Neurological Physiotherapy, University of Sydney and Gabriela Simon-Cereijido (M.S. '01), Associate Professor, California State University, Los Angeles.


Counseling & Clinical Psychology [Grace Dodge Hall Room 277]
Microintervention Strategies: Disarming Microaggressions and Macroaggressions
Microaggressions - everyday slights and insults - and Macroaggressions - systematic and institutional forms of racism - have both been proven to leave lingering and harmful effects on victims of these forms of discrimination and bias. This workshop will help to arm you with simple strategies to take action and combat racism whether it be overt slurs or well-intentioned but insensitive blunders.
Derald Wing Sue | Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College
Sarah Alsaidi (M.A. '16) | Doctoral Student, Teachers College
Elizabeth Glaeser | Doctoral Student, Teachers College
Cassandra Calle | Doctoral Student, Teachers College

Curriculum & Teaching
 [Grace Dodge Hall Room 279]
A closer look at Inclusive Education & TC’s Master’s of Education Program
Meet faculty and students from the Department of Curriculum and Teaching. Department Chair, Daniel Friedrich will host an
engaging hour featuring faculty and students of the Master of Education and the Elementary Inclusive programs who will dive deeper into their work and research.
Daniel Friedrich | Department Chair, Curriculum & Teaching
Britt Hamre (Ed.D. '04) | Co-Director, Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project
Kala Naraian | Director, Preservice Inclusive Education Programs,
Jackie Simmons (Ed.D. '09) | Director, Master of Education Program
Preservice Inclusive Education Program Students:
Katherine Newhouse
Rae Leeper
Master of Education Program Students:
Georgia Halliday
Anushka Pai
Julie Waters


Education Policy and Social Analysis [Everett Cafe]
Building a Civic Participation Program @ TC
Come hear from current EPSA students who are leading the charge on civic engagement here at TC, leading programs like #TakeActionTuesday, student aid advocacy, and safe schools legislation. Learn more about upcoming events! Doctoral Candidate Matthew Camp, TC’s Director of Government Relations, is also working with students and alumni to build a Legislative Advocacy Network and wants your help. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can be a voice for Teachers College and Higher Ed, don’t miss this session.
Matt Camp | Doctoral Student and Director of Government Relations, Teachers College
Michelle Burris | TC Student
Bobby Robaina | TC Student


Health & Behavior Studies [Horace Mann Hall Room 50 (Earth Friends Center)]
Cooking Demo: "Root, Stems, Leaves, Flowers, Fruit and Seeds -- We Eat All Parts of Plants!" 
The Earth Friends Center will once again open it’s kitchen doors for a hands on nutritious cooking demonstration. Let’s get cooking! 
Pam Koch (Ed.D. '00) | Executive Director, Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy, Teachers College
Geri Herisse | Doctoral Student, Teachers College
Lucille Tang | Doctoral Student, Teachers College
Peter Pace | Doctoral Student, Teachers College


International & Transcultural Studies [Grace Dodge Hall Room 281]
Academic & Professional Journeys
Mix and mingle with current faculty and students from International & Transcultural Studies, including Professors Mary Mendenhall (Ed.D. '08)Oren Pizmony-Levy, Herve Varenne and Amina Tawasil as we journey across academic and professional pathways in anthropology and international comparative education.
Accompanied by TC ITS Students:  
Cody Freeman
Corinne Kentor
Daniel Rudas-Burgos
Christopher Sanacore
Makala Skinner
Marlee Tavlin
Mathematics, Science & Technology [Zankel Hall Room 418]
Explore the STEAMnasium
Things will be heating up in the STEAMnasium! Explore this completely interactive experience with faculty and students from the Mathematics, Science and Technology department! Live demos, research exhibitions, math tools you can manipulate, painting with virtual reality are just some of fun and exciting ways you can experience STEAM. You’ll also get a chance to share your wishes for STEAM education on the STEAM Wish Tree designed and built by our students.
Organization & Leadership [Grace Dodge Hall Room 285]
Lightning Talks: Leadership in the 21st Century
Come be inspired by alumni, students and faculty of the programs in Organization & Leadership department. Each speaker will give a 10 minute Lightning Talk on Leadership.
Bill Howe (Ed.D. '91) | Founder, Multicultural Dimensions and Adjunct Professor of Education, Albertus Magnus College and Quinnipiac University
Corbin Campbell | Assistant Professor of Higher Education, Teachers College
Chelsey Saunders (M.Phil '17) | Doctoral Candidate and Organizational Consultant, Levy-Warren & Saunders
David Hoff (M.Ed. '73) | Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Leadership Development, EASI·Consult®


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Concurrent Sessions II

*Origami Tree (all ages) [Everett Cafe] 
Alumna Jenny Chan will guide the group in a hands-on session to create origami pinwheels. Chan was most recently featured on the Rachael Ray Show where she led a tutorial on how to fold napkins for your special event. More on Origami Tree here.
Jenny W. Chan (M.A. '13) | Founder of Origami Tree

Putting an End to Gun Violence [Grace Dodge Hall Room 277] 
Gun violence is more prevalent than ever. Mass shootings have become far too commonplace and their effects are vast and lingering. Our panelists will explore the effect of gun violence on our society, which encompasses issues such as mental health, policy, accessibility and more.
Lalitha Vasudevan | Professor of Technology & Education and Director, Media and Social Change Lab, Teachers College
Claudia Cohen | Associate Adjunct Professor, Teachers College
Jennifer Dauphinais | Doctoral Candidate, Teachers College
Mark Gooden | Christian Johnson Endeavor of Professor of Education Leadership and Program Director for Education Leadership, Teachers College
Sonali Rajan (Ed.D. '10) | Assistant Professor of Health Education, Teachers College
Applying Research Findings in Teacher Preparation [Grace Dodge Hall Room 179]
Exciting advances in education research and technology have generated new teaching strategies and tools that can dramatically advance classroom learning. This panel session will explore ways for teacher educators and practicing teachers to incorporate these tools and strategies into their work making good teachers great and great teachers greater.
Detra Price Dennis | Assistant Professor Elementary & Inclusive Education, Teachers College
Kenny Graves | Doctor of Philosophy Candidate
Etta Kralovec (Ed.D. '87) | Associate professor of Teacher Education, University of Arizona-South & 2018 Distinguished Alumna
Thabo Msibi (M.Ed. ‘08) | Associate Professor in Curriculum Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal & 2018 Early Career Award Recipient
State of the Stateless - Outcomes & Opportunities for Immigrants and Refugees [Milbank Chapel] 
The United States is currently home to one-fifth of the immigrant population it had in 2017 and there are over 21.3 million refugees worldwide. Now, more than ever, we have seen a growing divide on whether these communities serve as a valuable resource or as a major challenge. Our panel of educators will explore why and how we can provide resources for all.
Michelle Knight-Manuel | Professor of Education and Associate Dean, Teachers College
Mary Mendenhall (Ed.D. '08) | Associate Professor of Practice, Teachers College
Kenny Nienhusser (Ed.D. '11) | Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Hartford
Sandra Schmidt | Associate Professor of Social Studies Education, Teachers College
Gabriela Simon-Cereijido (M.S. '01) | Associate Professor, California State University, Los Angeles & 2018 Distinguished Alumna
Lena Verdeli | Associate Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College
Failure, Adaptability, Success [Thompson Hall Room 136]
Speakers from a variety of disciplines will explore how failure, flexibility and adaptability can enhance creativity, education, innovation and progress – and that we need to learn to recognize and study the value of adversity. 
Chloe Dawson (M.Ed. '17) | Student Senate President, Teachers College
Warner Burke | Edward Lee Thorndike Professorship of Psychology & Education, Teachers College
Bradford Manning (M.A. '10) | Co-Brother at Two Blind Brothers & 2018 Early Career Award Recipient
A Climate for Change [Grace Dodge Hall Room 281]
We are facing an urgent need for effective ways to engage diverse audiences about global climate change. In this session we will ask the big question: Who will save our planet and how?
Bill Gaudelli | Professor of Social Studies and Education and Social Studies Education Program Director, Teachers College
Pam Koch (Ed.D. '00) | Executive Director, Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy, Teachers College
Joey Lee | Lecturer, Teachers College
Oren Pizmony-Levy | Assistant Professor of International and Comparative Education, Teachers College 

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Digital Learning Exhibition [Smith Learning Theater, Fourth Floor Gottesman Libraries]
Experience all the Digital Learning opportunities available at TC in the newly unveiled Smith Learning Theater.  Experience all the Digital Learning opportunities available at TC in the newly unveiled Smith Learning Theater. The exhibit will be an interactive, hands-on experience with opportunities to explore TC's digital classrooms, media-rich learning environments, and virtual reality spaces. There will also be a series of events held throughout the day providing opportunities for exhibition attendees to meet with and speak to faculty and students leading the way for teaching and learning in a new era.

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Unleashing: A Site-Specific Art Exhibit [Hourly tours begin at Rose Commons in Zankel Hall]
Unleashing is a college-wide exhibition featuring site-specific, multi-media art installations and related public programming that highlight the concepts of American educational philosopher Maxine Greene, whose idea of “social imagination” for learning, human development, and citizenry provides the ground for the works on display. Emerging and established artists from across the globe explore the underlying theme of “Unleashing the Imagination” and respond to the historic building of Teachers College. The exhibition is intended to unchain perceptions that have been contained and encourage creative freedom within the social sphere which, according to Ms. Greene, is the ability to exercise “social imagination”. More on Unleashing here.

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